Internal connection fatal error. Error state: 15, Token : 4 – What Causes “Internal connection fatal errors

For several months, I’ve been receiving seemingly random InvalidOperationExceptions with the message “Internal connection fatal error”. Sometimes there’s a few days in between, while other times there are multiple errors per day.

After a few months of ignoring this issue, it started to reach a critical mass as traffic gradually increased. Under heavy load, including some crawlers, things got crazy and these errors poured in nonstop.Beste Antwort · 22Sounds like the database connection is getting dropped or timing out.
We recently had similar issues moving to IIS 6 from IIS 5 connecting to SQL 2000. Our issue was solved by increasing number of ephemeral ports available.
Look at the usage of the ephemeral ports by the IIS server. The default max no. of ports available is normally 4000.2
Check your server’s LOG folder (\program files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\LOG or similar) for files named SqlDump*.mdmp and SqlDump*.txt. If you do find any you’ll have to take it to Product Support.1

Why am I getting this error “Internal connection fatal

What Causes “Internal connection fatal errors” Except it’s only happening on one stored procedure and is happening all of the time and is only happening when I access this stored procedure from my website.

UTF-8 in SQL 2019: An error occurred while executing batch

Oct 16, 2018 · I think I have this narrowed down to being a driver problem. The newest SQLCMD, which uses the newest ODBC driver, is fine. But older versions of SQLCMD, using either slightly older ODBC or even older SQL Native Client, have issues.

An error occurred while executing batch. Error message is

today got this error, so i make a copy of 1 of involved table into another db in the same instance, re run the query on the original db, and it works well. this happens sometimes, but can’t find

DataSet filler error message – Internal connection fatal

Oct 17, 2016 · Maybe you have open connection and never close after use in other place

Internal connection fatal error | The ASP.NET Forums Dec 09, 2010
Internal connection fatal error and other random db Jun 20, 2007

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How To Fix C# Sql Internal Connection Fatal Error (Solved)

Check the locks thru Enterprise manager and you are over Lan, Wan, web, local or remote ? handles the connection pooling. Why did the for response, we have attached demo project to ticket, please check.Thanks. You cannot a fantastic read people with the process of retrieving data from SQL Server using an Access pass-thru query.. the store procedure “sp_SELECT_G “?

Internal Connection fatal error while reading from a

Feb 28, 2014 · Hello Samproe, As what StartTodayNeverTomorrow has said, if you can provide more detail information, we will help you better. And from your code, if I understand correctly, you want to use the SqlDataReader to read data from a store procedure, here I make an example:

connection closes unexpectedly with different kind of errors

@kin I know I asked this question a long time ago but I still want to share what the problem was. It was that my computer was shut down unexpectedly due to a black out and the some files where corrupted (yes now I got an battery backup) had to clean up registry etc, – Joe B Nov 4 ’16 at 16:04

MS SQL Server :: Internal Connection Fatal Error.

Internal Connection Fatal Error. Oct 25, 2006. Hi all,I don’t know what happened to this function which was working OK for a few month and today it doesn’t work

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