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Vacuum cup fixation Ball-joint VCFC-series . Vacuum cup locking valve VCLV-series . Vacuum cup filtering grid VCFG-series . Vacuum cup level compensation

Vacuum Suction Cups | Schmalz

The suction cup product range includes suction cups in various shapes and sizes and made of various materials. Select the right Schmalz suction cup for your application. Cookies help us to provide our services.

Flat Suction Cups (Round) · Bellows Suction Cups (Oval) · Suction Cups for Packaging

Suction cups – Piab

Suction cups. Using suction cups is a lifting technique of many possibilities. You can, for example, handle board materials or concrete slabs, open bags, pick electronic components, label and hold objects. But different applications need different requirements.


Selecting a suction cup – Romicon

Selecting a suction cup • Theoretical force: F(N) = Suction cup area (cm2) x Percentage of vacuum (%) x 0.1013 The force shown in the COVAL suction cup tables is the actual practical force of the suction cup at 90% vacuum. In addition, the value shown comprises a safety factor of 2.

Vacuüm suction cups – Zuignappen | Vacuum-cup-fixation

Vacuum cup fixation – Accessories – Ball joint – VCFC Flexible suction cup adapters, depending on the applied vacuum cup, these elements can an angle of 15 to 20 degrees to move in combination with a spring construction, see the data sheet PDF

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Suction cups – Flat – Piab

The piGRIP® is a unique configurable suction cup concept with individually optimized parts for gripping, lifting and height compensation. Also a large selection of fittings makes it ready to fit new machines and easy to retrofit existing cups.

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and Vacuum Cup Mountings – Vacuum Cups for all Applications At Anver, we make our own wide selection of quality cups and stock a huge inventory to expedite shipping – even large quantities! Selection, high quality, huge stock, and order shipment efficiency have made ANVER the leading North American source for suction cups, vacuum cups, level compensators, suspensions and vacuum cup mountings, and sealing rings.

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De suction cup is geschikt voor oppervlaktes zoals een autoruit, raam, surfboard, windscherm. Deze mount kan je gebruikt worden met alle GoPro camera’s. Hij is ook geschikt voor enkele andere merken.


Vacuum Cups – Parker Hannifin

Cup Sizes: 5mm to 200mm A6 – A19 PBG Bellows Versatile bellows cup design provides a flexible sealing lip for products with irregular, smooth, curved surfaces, and flexible products. Cup Sizes: 10mm to 150mm A20 – A32 P5V-CFS Flat Precision molded double lip flat cup for slightly curved surfaces. Double lip for additional security.

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